Awarded for a pilot study on the Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome (GTPS) exercise group. (Applicants: Alison Smeatham, John Timperley, Emily Rogers, Rohan Chauhan, Roy Powell).

GTPS is a common and disabling tendinopathy affecting the gluteal tendons of the hip. Physiotherapy is the most commonly used treatment along with corticosteroid injection (CSI), but it remains with the least evidence.  This study aims to utilise the evidence from other tendinopathies to assess the effects of an exercise programme on the symptoms of GTPS.

A graduated exercise programme will be compared to routine care in a pilot randomised controlled trial. Participants will be recruited from community and secondary care settings. All participants will receive advice on self- management and will be offered a CSI. In addition, participants in the intervention group will attend a 12 week supervised group exercise programme.  Follow up of all participants will be over 15 months.

The end result will be a recommendation for a definitive RCT if required to the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).