We have been working very hard on recruiting to Cinnamon.

Our PI is very engaged with the study and keeps its profile high with the ward clinicians by regular email reminders .So from this we do get referrals from PAU and the ward. The study is also on Drs handover sheet for daily meetings .Su Wilkins and Caroline Harrill meet with the dieticians when they have their comm cell meetings and update them on changes which also keeps the study fresh in their minds and our first 2 recruits came from them.

Our PI, Dr Sian Ludman, has made visits to the GP PIC sites to meet them and establish a rapport that would facilitate referrals.

We have good channels of communication between PI and research team which mean that if we have a potential patient we can react quickly and get to speak with parents without too much delay.

Also the PI and Sub–PI`s have been very flexible and come in to see babies on their days off.  Nursing staff have also done extra hours to cover visits.

Keep up the good work team.