Recruitment has commenced for the Cipher study which is a UK Cohort study to Investigate the prevention of Parastomal Hernia (PSH) (Phase B). Complications of Parastomal hernia can be severe and can negatively influence patient’s quality of life along with the risk of further surgical intervention.  Both patient and surgical factors are believed to influence the development of PSH. It is therefore vital to help identify these factors and prevent PSH from forming which is the focus of the study. 

We have seen great collaborative work with embedding the study into standard clinical care.  Neil Smart (CI) and the Specialist Stoma Care Nurses are at the forefront of the study and with help from the research and colorectal teams are striving forward with recruitment.  It is proving very beneficial utilising the skills and knowledge of the Specialist nurses.  This should ensure of success of the trial with good recruitment, continuity of care for patients and high quality data.  We look forward to continuing to work in a collaborative way for success with the team.

Well done to all involved.