Big thank you received from Chief Investigator of Otter Study

“I am writing to thank you for the terrific collaboration shown to our national research team by your therapy and research staff.  I am the Chief Investigator of a national Arthritis Research UK funded clinical trial into the effectiveness of hand therapy for people with hand arthritis.  The project area was identified by Arthritis Research UK to be of national importance for people living with arthritis and has been portfolio adopted by NHS England.

We are unable to even contemplate conducting national trials without the expertise, goodwill, personal and system support of large numbers of research and therapy colleagues and I would like to thank your team who has been outstanding in their enthusiasm to support this trial.  We are indebted to NHS staff to enable us to recruit patients into trials to answer important clinical questions that will inform clinical and cost effective service provision and your team has been among the best.  

Specifically I would like you to be aware of the contrition made by your therapy team and research staff including:

Therapy team: Suzannah Blake, Abigail Owen, Emily Rogers, Jacqueline Fowler and Claire Hughes, Research administrative team: Cresta Browning

It has been our pleasure and privilege to work alongside your staff and I wanted to let you know how much their support and contribution has mattered.

Jo Adams PhD., MSc.,DipCOT., PFHEA, University of Southampton”

Well done team, great effort from all involved.