The Peninsula Research Bank (PRB) is a bank of tissue samples and data collected from Exeter 10,000, a research study running at the NIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility, based in the RILD building on the RD&E Hospital site. The PRB Steering Committee meets on the last Wednesday of every month to ensure that samples are used responsibly, and to decide who can use the data on the PRB database, and what PRB volunteers can be invited to take part in further research. We now have almost 11,000 “Exeter 10,000” volunteers who have signed up to this re-contactable research register and sample biobank, and we will continue to recruit 100-200 a month for the foreseeable future.

If you need access to pre-screened volunteers happy to participate in research; require samples of DNA, whole blood, serum, plasma or urine and want samples from well characterized volunteers; or if you require anonymised data from the Exeter 10000, please visit or contact Louisa Allen (, tel x8182) for more information.

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