Dear Everyone who helped COVBOOST at Exeter site.

Message from Dr Ray Sheridan:

One of main stories on BBC & newspapers today is very positive results in this world 1st booster study for COVID-19. Basically lots of boosters work giving a big boost to T & B cells.

For NHS staff who got 2 Pfizers followed by 3rd booster then antibodies rose 8-fold

For those who has 2 Az/Oxfords then Pfizer booster ( so lots of UK population in real life) had at 1 month Antibody levels nearly 25 times higher than controls.

Half dose mRNA boosters work too.

The boosters worked well against Delta strain.

Side effects looked safe too.

So from buying an extra freezer for storage, to changes in protocols right upto the start date, to taking blood tests , administrating vaccines , answering phone messages & booking appointments you did it. You recruited nearly 200 participants out of the 2,878 in overall UK trail.

So all research nurses, PRC staff, junior doctors who covered ALS, PRC staff  & RILD Research Doctors, Clinical Trails Pharmacy, Consultants who took the 24/7 emergency phone, research admin team and bound to be to be somebody I forgot – well done! Lots of you are named in the supplement attached ( we were limited with how many we could list).

It’s a bit of good news for UK population & NHS staff as we head into a potentially difficult winter with a new strain Omicron emerging & samples from COVBOOST are being used to see if antibodies generated by 3rd boosters neutralise this new strain too. So couldn’t be more timely. This gives rest of world huge flexibility in mix & matching multiple vaccines so they can ensure supply/manufacturing/storage issues can be worked around as we are all safer when we are all vaccinated.

Please see below to the link in the lancet: