Hepatology Update:

Hello Everyone!

We have randomised 11 participants in the last 5-6 weeks, in various Hepatology studies!

This is as follows:

•               BOPPP-4

•               Essence-1

•               MICAH-3

•               Mirage-3

Well done team!!!! We may even randomise some more very soon…Thank you all for your help and support! Keep up the good work!! –

                                                                Kiruba Shankari Rajan, Research Nurse

Cov-BOOST Fractional Sub-study

Screening and appointment booking commenced for the fractional sub-study. The participants are going to receive either a half dose or quarter dose of vaccine.

This is looking at participants aged 18 – 30, who have not had the third booster. They must have had their second dose no later than October.



Dear Dr. Sheridan the DREAM TEAM,

I wanted to say huge thank you for the hard work you’ve been doing throughout the whole study and especially the last few days. You are amazing, and it is so lovely to open my emails and see that UK013 has now ZERO missing pages to enter and has cleared out the queries.

A star of the week goes to @joannejones13@nhs.net who I know have worked with me on clearing the queries and swabs and done a great job at it!

But I know that it is a teamwork and I had loads of unfreezing requests from many of you so HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! There might be some more cheesecake when I come next week.

I know we are almost there but with database getting so close to being locked our DM team are working extra hard, and with some new information being added there might be some more queries being opened but I promise you we are almost there.