March 2022

The STAR trial: Evaluation of a care pathway for patients with long-term pain after knee replacement Following the publication of the STAR trial results, one of the Exeter participants was featured on BBC news and BBC Spotlight yesterday (2:25 into the broadcast): NOVAVAX STUDY: A PHASE 3, RANDOMISED, OBSERVER-BLINDED, PLACEBO CONTROLLED TRIAL TO… Read More

January/February 2022

Hepatology Update: Hello Everyone! We have randomised 11 participants in the last 5-6 weeks, in various Hepatology studies! This is as follows: •               BOPPP-4 •               Essence-1 •               MICAH-3 •               Mirage-3 Well done team!!!! We may even randomise some more very soon…Thank you all for your help and support! Keep up the good work!! –                                                                … Read More

Lead Research Nurse – Update

Message From Helen Quinn

I am delighted to announce that Lizzy Gordon and Sam Keenan have been appointed as the substantive Lead Research Nurse (Clinical Trials), they will continue to undertake this role as a job share. I am sure you will join me in congratulating them on this substantive appointment and wishing them well as we continue working with them in this important leadership role. Sam will continue to be Team Lead for the Bellever team in the other part of her role and Lizzy will continue to support the sponsorship team.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Research Team would like to thank our colleagues for all their hard work over the past challenging 12 months. We would also like to wish all our participants, sponsors and anyone connected with the research team a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cov Boost Success

Dear Everyone who helped COVBOOST at Exeter site. Message from Dr Ray Sheridan: One of main stories on BBC & newspapers today is very positive results in this world 1st booster study for COVID-19. Basically lots of boosters work giving a big boost to T & B cells. For NHS staff who got 2 Pfizers… Read More