Dermatology Studies

BADBIR (1008416)

BADBIR is an observational, prospective study open to patients undergoing treatment for psoriasis with either a biologic drug or standard anti-psoriatic therapy.

ALPHA (1606263)

The purpose of the ALPHA research study is to find out the most effective treatment for chronic hand eczema. The two most common treatments include exposure of hands to ultra violet (UV) light after they have been soaked in a solution called psoralen (a process referred to as PUVA) and a drug called Alitretinoin. Although both are equally used in standard clinical practice, there is no clear evidence indicating which of these two treatments is most effective. This study will compare these two treatments to examine both the short term and longer term effectiveness of each treatment in terms of how well the hands heal and how long the skin remains clear (minimal symptoms) once healed. Participants will receive the trial treatment for 12 weeks and up to 24 weeks depending on their response. Participants will then be followed up until week 52 (from start of treatment). Participants will be asked to return for assessments every 4 weeks up until week 52.