HTA Confirmation of Freezers/Storage Locations

RD&E Human Tissue Act Research Licence 12276

Research Samples – What do I need to do?

Are you storing human samples containing cells (including blood and urine) for research purposes?

If you do have samples stored on the RD&E site please familiarise yourself with the regulations.  There is a useful FAQ section at the HTA website.

Whilst samples with current ethics do not fall under the HTA, once this expires any remaining samples will need to be registered under the HTA and the Research Designated Individual on the Licence needs to know about them.

In order to manage this we have an “application to store” form for all registered research freezers.  If you want to store research samples then you need to complete one of these forms.  If you are already storing research samples that are not covered by a Health Research Authority Research (HRA) Ethical approval (NRES), please contact HTA Research Licence Application to Store Group (HTA PSG) to discuss what action needs to be taken.

We have registered research freezers in the following locations:

Heavitree Freezer Store

DVRC (Pathology) Freezer Store

Clinical Research Facility/RILD Building

Blood Sciences