What We Do

We help turn great ideas into reality – often working with business or academic partners.​

The RD&E has an established Innovation Policy and Pathway.

Innovations are reviewed by the innovation support team to establish:

  • The proposed innovation doesn’t already exist,
  • there is no obvious competitor patent blocking the innovation
  • there is a clear healthcare benefit
  • we can see how the innovation could be turned into a reality
  • we believe that it could be economically viable

We will then work with you to provide the best clarity of concept for the innovation.  This is then used to obtain confidential feedback from other Trusts in the South West.  This feedback is valuable for you, the RD&E and for potential licensees of the innovation.  We arrange to set up Non-Disclosure Agreements with licensees and negotiate the best possible royalty from which you (or your department) as the innovator get a significant revenue share.

If you have an innovative idea please take advantage of our Innovation Drop in Sessions which are run by the RD&E Innovation Consultant and Innovation Project Officer:

@ 11:00-15:00 in the RILD Building, room 01.35.

  • Thursday   25 January
  • Thursday   22 March
  • Thursday   26 April
  • Thursday   31 May
  • Thursday   28 June
  • Thursday   26 July
  • Thursday   30 August
  • Thursday   27 September
  • Thursday   25 October
  • Thursday   29 November

1-2-1 INNOVATION sessions also available on request: e-mail alan.mcleod@healthinnovationsupport.co.uk