1010443 / Genetics of Endocrine tumours

Genetics of Endocrine tumours (Study due to close 31/07/2030)

1606258 / The International Disorder of Sex Development Registry

The International Disorder of Sex Development Registry (Study due to close 25/08/2019)

1803565 / ULTRADIAN

Hormones are released from organs under a specific rhythm creating a typical hormonal pattern. That rhythmicity may be either longer than 24 hours, shorter or appear in hourly intervals. This rhythm is essential for maintenance of proper body function, composition and reaction to different stimuli. Disordered rhythmicity of hormones is seen in several diseases, consequently treatment of endocrine diseases should respect hormonal rhythms.

Unfortunately, current diagnostic protocols rely on a single blood test being taken mostly in the morning and treatment modalities fail to respect these rhythms, together this can lead to misinterpretation of results, delay in diagnosis and repetitive admission of patient to the hospital. Moreover, unphysiological treatment increases number of long term complications and shortens life expectancy.

We would like to introduce a new tool that in the future could be used for the diagnosis and monitoring of endocrine disorders. That tool- ULTRADIAN consist of a pump and collector which has been already successfully used in human research. The microdialysis technique enables us to measure hormones for 24 hours in tissues that surrounds cells.
It is much comfortable for the patients, portable and can be performed at home.
In the first stage we will determine normal curves/patterns of hormones in healthy volunteers and then compare these patterns to patients with endocrine disorders. This study is proof of concept that 24 hour hormonal survey will detect meaningful differences/changes in hormonal patterns of secretion which in the future could be utilised to allow earlier diagnosis and serve as a tool for monitoring and individualizing treatment. (Study due to close 31/08/2020)