R&D Reference Number Project Short title Project Full title Recruitment end date
1805637 Optimising neonatal service provision for preterm babies (27-31 weeks) OPTI-Prem: Optimising neonatal service provision for preterm babies born between 27 and 31 weeks of gestation in England using national data, qualitative research and economic analysis. 31/08/2018
1117508 SAFE-Special non-invasive Advances in Foetal and neonatal Evaluation Continuation of SAFE (Incorporating RAPID) 30/09/2018
1811709 Development and Implantation of Normal Human Preimplantation Embryos In vitro development and implantation of normal human preimplantation embryos and comparison with uni- or poly- pronucleate embryos 31/10/2018
1812723 Developing training for midwives to help women do PFMEs Developing a training intervention for midwives and women to enhance implementation of pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFME) in the ante- and post-natal period 31/10/2018
1711538 The Cleft Collective Cohort Studies The Cleft Collective Cohort Studies – a large DNA backed prospective resource for the study of the genetic and environmental determinants of cleft lip and/or palate and the long term outcomes in children with cleft lip and/or palate 30/09/2019
1603220 STOPPIT-2 An open randomised trial of the Arabin pessary to prevent preterm birth in twin pregnancy, with health economics and acceptability – STOPPIT 2 31/10/2019
1804581 Helping Pregnant smokers to quit Helping Pregnant smokers to quit: A multi-centre RCT of electronic cigarettes vs. nicotine patches (usual care) 01/09/2020